Gone Away (Writing Cave Session)

by The Glass Child



I'm so happy, nervous, excited and childishly proud to show you the first song off my new album, called "Gone Away".
If there is anything I've learned the last couple of years it is to build my home, my safety and my comfort in my music. So I found myself in a new town again and had no plan except for following this blessing and curse of being born with an unbearable wanderlust. It was a beautiful day, a bit sad, but beautiful, and I could finally sit outside without a jacket on. I took my guitar, trying to figure out where to go from here, and this song just kind of happened. I just sang and the words appeared, as if the song had its own identity and it wanted to comfort me and let me know that things would be okay. I find myself escaping to this song over and over again, whenever I doubt my way of living, and it has come to mean the world me. I really hope you will like it :)
Love always,


I’ve gone away, I never meant to stay
Left my letter in drawer then I took the train
to somewhere else where they don’t know my name
They won’t judge my ways

See I can’t live like them, it never made much sense
selling time and heartless tasks just to pay my rent
I need more space and I need unplanned days
I believe in faith

All the things I swore I’d be
and all the things I would do
Don’t you worry
I’ll remember you

All I need to know is that my past is behind me
All I need to find my ways are streetlights to guide me
I don’t want no walls I’ll build my home on this open road

And I’ll talk to strangers about love and pain
Ask the homeless man for thoughts about loss and gain
I’ll wander north as the season change
I’ll embrace everything that might come my way

And I’ll be happy walking lonely over open fields
No more layers let my skin meet the summer breeze
Throw these habits far behind
I will find my way, I am here to stay

All I need to know is that my past is behind me
All I need to find my ways are streetlights to guide me
I don’t want no walls I’ll build my home on this open road

Keep my eyes wide open to let each day excite me
And I don’t want habits to direct or define me
Every day another way to do what i came here for

I’m on the road and I’m here to stay
I can’t get if I make my own way
I’ll chase the shore waking up at dawn
different views each day

And I’ll be happy being who I am
I’ll be home no matter where I stand
I’ll look for love in each strangers hand
I’ll try to understand

But know that every song I’ll sing for you
Everywhere I go I wish I’d go with you
In everything I do I wish you’d been there too
I’ll remember you


released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


The Glass Child Sweden

Im an organized mess.I believe in the future,for Ive seen yesterday and Im still alive.When I was 18 I left everything I knew and moved all on my own to London to create the life I wanted to live & find the person I wanted to be. I learned how to build my home in my music and my words. When I sing or write, I'm not scared anymore. I believe in writing your own story,and that's what Im doing here. ... more

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